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The Story Behind

Meet Stephanie!  

She had a successful career as an R&D scientist for 9 years, but everything changed when she became a mother.

About Her. 

She struggled to keep her baby girl entertained and calm anytime there was waiting time, during car rides, and the situation worsened on their first plane trip, a 12-hour flight, when her daughter was only 11 months old and screamed due to overtiredness and ear pain. Stephanie felt anxious and emotional, unable to do much to soothe her baby, even got into an argument with another angry passenger.

3 months later, when her husband and she planned a trip to Phuket, she realized they needed more than just a few toys to keep her daughter occupied. At this time, the cognitive and fine motor skills of her daughter were not developed enough to play with such things like colouring books.

After noticing her daughter's interest in common household items, Stephanie considered busy-boards, but they were too bulky to carry around. That's when she came up with the idea of travel-friendly busy-boards.

Travel-friendly busy boards

Stephanie developed the concept of a playkit, designed to be a compact series of travel-friendly busy-boards, inclusive of other discovery and entertaining items, that would help her daughter develop her cognitive and fine motor skills.

The first playkit she made was for a flight to Phuket, and it was immediately effective on the plane. When her 15 months old daughter started crying loudly, she kept silent all the way when offered the playkit. As a result of her daughter's intense concentration, Stephanie and her husband received some much-needed rest, relieved from the angry stare of the other passengers.

Stephanie kept enhancing the design until it became a series of boards in a custom-made, sustainable bag, which her daughter now associates with fun and education.

She wants to share this solution with other parents who struggle similarly when travelling with young children.

Empower yourself with MyQuirkBee!

Sustainability at the Heart of MyQuirkBee Playkit

At MyQuirkBee, we prioritize sustainability and believe in providing ethical products for your child. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the materials we use and the partnerships we establish.

We are proud to collaborate with Re-Store and St. Andrew’s Autism School in Singapore. MyQuirkBee sling bags are locally produced from upcycled textiles by a workforce of marginalised communities. Parts of the boards will be produced by students from the school, contributing to the uniqueness of each Playkit whilst gaining a vocational and educational experience.

Each board is produced in Singapore, supporting local businesses and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Our selection of items is carefully curated, focusing on safety, quality and durability. Recycled flaps and bottle caps are incorporated in our designs, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.

As demand for our Playkits grows, we are exploring using upcycled and ethically-sourced wood and other materials to further our commitment to sustainability.

Choose MyQuirkBee Playkit for your child's empowering, engaging, and sustainable learning experience.

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